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Our 2019 Club Champions!

Junior Singles Club Championship 
Champion: Bradley Barnaby
Finalist: Fellipe Halters

Champion: Aashish Vivekanand
Finalist: Tomas Clark

Champion: Adam Morrish
Finalist: Adam Pyke

Champion: Savina Alcendor
Finalist: Dallas Alcendor

Junior Doubles Club Championship 
U14 Doubles:
Champions: Mathew Beach and TJ Beach
Finalists: Aashish Vivekanand and Jack Brumley

Men Singles Club Championship 
Champion: Denys Miserva
Finalist: Aaqib Shah

Mixed Doubles Club Championship 
Champions: Sahar Jajaei and Denys Miserva
Finalists: Dawn McGee and Aaqib Shah

Men and Women Double Club Championship 

Ladies Doubles:
Champions: Dawn McGee and Shirley Blake
Finalists: Maria Wigers and Sahar Jajaei

Men's Doubles:
Champions: Aaqib Shah and Taif Shah
Finalists: Denys Miserva and Peter Gavaris


Our 2017 Club Champions!

Junior Singles Club Championship 
Champion: Aasish Vivekanand
Finalist: Bradley Barnaby
Champion: Sandra Taskovic
Finalist: Milana Hrudka
Champion: Teresa Baresse 
Champion: Jonathan Hay
Finalist: Adam Pyke
Junior Doubles Club Championship 
U14 Doubles:
Champions: TBC
Finalists: TBC
U18 Doubles:
Champions: TBC
Finalists: : TBC
Men and Women Singles Club Championship 
Ladies Singles:
Champion: Kayla Neil
Finalist: Kelly Neil
Men’s Singles: 
Champion: Sebastian Bratu
Finalist: Ben Bell
Men and Women Doubles Championship 
Ladies Doubles:
Champions: Kayla Neil and Kelly Neil
Men’s Doubles:
Champions: Ben Bell and Peter Gavaris
Mixed Doubles Club Championship 
Champions: Ben Bell and Lindsay Bays

Our 2016 Club Champions!

Junior Singles Club Championship (September 11, 2016)
Champion: Vyom Sharm
Finalist: Bradley Barnaby
Champion: Milana Hrudka  
Finalist: Sandra Taskovic 
Champion: Teresa Baresse 
Finalists: Julie Donelle
Champion: Adam Pyke 
Finalist: Aashish Vivekanand
Champion: Spencer Robertson 
Finalist: Jonathan Hay
Junior Doubles Club Championship (September 9, 2016)
U14 Doubles:
Champions: Zach Gumienny and Cameron McMahon
Finalists: Timothy Beach and Mathew Beach
U18 Doubles:
Champions: Spencer Robertson and Michael Orrett
Finalists: Leora Moyo and Jonathan Hay
Men and Women Singles Club Championship (September 24, 2016)
Ladies Singles:
Champion: Dawn McGee
Finalist: Cheryl Hooper
Men’s Singles: 
Champion: Peter Gavaris  
Finalist: Ben Bell 
Men and Women Doubles Championship (September 25, 2016)
Ladies Doubles:
Champions: Nancy Bays and Ann O’Brien
Finalists: Dawn McGee and Robyn Stewart
Men’s Doubles:
Champions: Taif Shah and Aaqib Shah
Finalists: Peter Gavaris and Ben Bell
Mixed Doubles Club Championship (September 18, 2016)
Champions: Ben Bell and Lindsay Bays
Finalists: Andrew Stark and Anto Popa

June 2016 Adult/Junior tournament: Results

Such a fun evening tournament -- congratulations to all our participating players and teams; amazing tennis was played.

A special thanks to Mark for organizing the tournament and to Bernadette for the snacks. 

And a big congratulations to our tournament winners:

  • U10 winners: Matthew and Phillip B.
  • U10 finalists: Jaden M. and Kayla N.
  • U14 winners: Shafin and Aaqib S.
  • U14 finalists: Milana and Marcel H.

June 2016 Adult Mixed Doubles Tournament: Results

A large and energetic crowd showed up for our Club's first mixed doubles tournament of the season! Congratulations to all on the competitive and fun matches played and a big thanks to Mark for organizing, to Benny and Virender for lunch, and to Bernadette for snacks.

Special congratulations to our tournament winners:

  • A Division Winners: Bernadette and Dale
  • A Division Finalists: Antoaneta and Madalin
  • B Division Winners: Maria and Dave
  • B Division Finalists: Kelly and Wade

Tournament photos can be viewed here.

May 2016 Davis Cup: Results

Our Davis Cup tournament, the first of our 2016 season, was a smash success: six teams and 26 players enjoyed competitive tennis in the sunshine.

A special thanks to Mark for organizing the tournament and to Bernadette and Benny for the delicious morning snacks and lunch.

And a big congratulations to our tournament winners, Peter G., Karnail and Keith, representing Syria; to our finalists, Virender, Larayne and Amy, representing USA; and to all our talented participants!

For photos, please visit the photo gallery on our website. Full team list below.

  • CANADA: Ben, Cameron, Nancy, Steve D.
  • ICELAND: Benny, Cheryl, Peter J., Steve
  • LUXEMBOURG: Mike, Irene, Nick, Robbie
  • SPAIN: Cory, David, Patti, Shawn
  • SYRIA: Peter G., Karnail, Keith (first place)
  • USA: Virender, Lorraine, Amy (second place)
  • UZBEKISTAN: Alex, Harold, Ingrid, John (third place)

2015 Club Championships: Results

Congratulations to all our participants! Great weather and fantastic matches were enjoyed by all. A special thanks to Mark for organizing, and to Bernadette for the delicious food. A very special congratulations to our Club Champions and finalists. For photos, please visit our Facebook page.

Women's Doubles

  • Winners: Janice D.and Chantal T.
  • Finalists: Kathy H. and Katherine deQ.

Men's Doubles

  • Winners: Ben B. and Peter G.
  • Finalists: Taif S. and Aaqib S.

Women's Singles

  • Winner: Antoaneta P.
  • Finalist: Janice D.

Men's Singles

  • Winner: Spencer R.
  • Finalist: Ben B.

Mixed Doubles

  • Winners: Janice D. and Peter G.
  • Finalists: Diane M. and Bogdan T.

Junior Doubles: BGU14 Division

  • Winners: Moses B.and Michael O.
  • Finalists: Aqil V. and Brendan L.

Junior Singles


  • Winner: Deren M.
  • Finalist: Vyom S.


  • Winner: Adam P.
  • Finalist: Zachary G.


  • Winner: Spencer R.
  • Finalist: Cameron H.


  • Winner: Milena H.
  • Finalist: Leora M.


  • Winner: Julie D.

Two ICTA  Championship Teams in 2015 for the WTC!

The ICTA Year-end Tournament was held in late September at the Aviva Centre in Toronto. Outstanding news: two Whitby Tennis Club ICTA teams won the championship this year! With almost 100 clubs and over 350 teams that play in the ICTA league, this is a huge accomplishment. A big congratulations to:

Our WTC A2 Boys team

This talented team won 6-0 against Brampton to win their championship. Congratulations to Jonathan (Team Captain), Jonah, Michael, Moses, Nicholas, Spencer (who were on the courts that day) and Ketan. Further, Michael and Moses were named All Stars by the ICTA, and Jonathan was awarded the ICTA Junior Lifetime Achievement Award for his dedicated and talented commitment to tennis. Photos from the Aviva Centre can be viewed here.

Our WTC B2 Ladies team

Congratulations to Nicole H. (Captain), Nancy B., Sharon B., Wendy C., Heidi C., Dawn M., Ann O., Tanya P. (who were on the courts that day), Kaireen A., Joan B., Connie C., Colleen F., Barb F., Jenny G. Irene H., Shelley M. and Stephanie S. Photos of our Ladies Champions at the Aviva Centre can be viewed here. 

August 2015 Adult/Junior Tournament: Results

Our recent Adult/Junior Doubles Tournament was so much fun. A big thanks to all our talented participants; to Mark, our Club Pro, for organizing; and to Bernadette for the delicious snacks. And a big congratulations to our winners Taif and Shafin and our finalists Leora and Nimbar! Pictures are featured on our Facebook page.

July 2015 Adult Mixed Doubles Tournament: Results 

Yet another great turn out, fantastic weather, and fabulous lunch provided by Bernadette. Congratulations to the A division winners, Tanya and Doug P., with runners up Kayla N. and Peter G.  Nancy S-F. and John F.  took the B division title, with runners up Amy H. and Corey M.

June 2015 Mixed Doubles Tournament: Results

Congratulations to our A division winners, Nancy and Ben, and finalists Antoaneta and Madalin. Congratulations to Kelly and Harold who took the B division title, and finalists Irene and Rob.

Success for Juniors at the 2015 OFSAA Tournament

Five of our Junior members participated in the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA) tennis tournament at Rexall Centre this month. Tennis was played at a very high level and the WTC junior members represented our Club and Durham Region with wonderful results:

  • Erica T. — 17th place Girls Singles (out of 32 girls)
  • Jonah B.  Bronze Medal in Boys Singles (out of 32 boys)
  • Sebastian P.  5th place in Mixed Doubles Open (out of 14 teams)
  • Spencer R. and Jonathan O.  5th place (out of 34 teams) in Boys Doubles

A huge congratulations to Erica, Jonah, Jonathan, Sebastian and Spencer — the Club is so proud of your accomplishments! And a special thanks to Todd and Cindy Orrett and Dave and Neve Tsai for all their efforts and time to ensure our Juniors could participate at this event.

Whitby ROCKS at the 2nd Annual Tennis ROCKS! Festival

The 2nd annual Tennis ROCKS! Festival hosted by the Ontario Tennis Association (OTA) in partnership with the Intercounty Tennis Association (ICTA), was held May 23 at the Rexall Centre. Nearly 200 junior competitors from across the province participated in the Junior Team Tennis Championships which culminated with a trophy presentation on Centre Court.  Whitby boys won double gold! 

  • Congratulations to the Division 1 Champions: Jonathan O (Captain), Spencer R, Moses B, Michael O and Jonah B and Ketan V.
  • Congratulations to the Division 2 Champions: Loraine L (Captain), Aqil V, Greg F, Tyler M, Brendon L and Tristan J.

The festival facilitated a gathering of tennis enthusiasts including junior competitors, coaches and spectators. In between matches, participants and spectators enjoyed a variety of activities including the OTA smash cage, skill games, exhibition matches and mini-tennis.

Along with fostering camaraderie between junior tennis players across Ontario, tournament director, Todd Orrett said, “this is an exciting opportunity for young players to say they have competed on the same courts as the pros.” The tennis festival endorses some of the OTA’s and Tennis Canada’s overarching objectives, including promoting tennis in local communities, and encouraging high performance player development through increased use of the Rexall Centre. 

May 2015 Davis Cup: Results

We had a beautiful day and big turn-out for our Annual Davis Cup Tournament in May. Congratulations to our winning team: Deeks, Harold, Mary and Mike, playing for New Zealand! Congratulations also to our tournament finalists: Cory, Moses, Shirley and Tanya, playing for France!

A warm thanks to all our tournament participants — team lists below — for such a fun and energetic day, to Mark (Club Pro) for organizing, and to Bernadette (Social Director) for the delicious snacks and lunch. We are looking forward to the next tournament (see below).

  • AUSTRALIA: Benny, Danny, Rob G. and Rosemary
  • BARBADOS: Dave L., David T., John and Karen
  • CANADA: Ben, Irene, Karnail and Kelly
  • FRANCE: Cory, Moses, Shirley and Tanya
  • NEW ZEALAND: Deeks, Harold, Mary and Mike
  • ROMANIA: Bogdan, Diana, Kyle and Nancy
  • SOUTH AFRICA: Doug, Nick, Peter and Wade
  • USA: Rob M., Roy, Zafar and Amy