About our Club

The Whitby Tennis Club (WTC) is a welcoming summer outdoor club operating in the town of Whitby, Ontario, Canada, since 1927.  We play from May through September on the six outdoor courts (hard, lit) located at Iroquois Park Sports Centre (500 Victoria Street West in Whitby). 

WTC is dedicated to providing quality facilities, programs and instruction at affordable prices to meet the needs of its members in the Durham region area. The WTC provides and promotes a variety of activities while encouraging a friendly and fun atmosphere.

New members are welcome. Please see our programs page for more details. The WTC is a member of the Ontario Tennis Association (OTA), the official governing body of tennis in Ontario.

The WTC is proudly:

Community-Based: We pay permit fees to use tennis courts owned by the Town of Whitby. Membership is open to the general public, on an annual basis. The establishment of our Club, the construction of the courts and our ongoing operations have all been — and continue to be — supported in a variety of ways by the Town. 

Not-for-Profit: The WTC has no owners or other direct financial stakeholders. All financial surpluses (profits) must ultimately be reinvested in the Club. In fact, ongoing reinvestment of profits is crucial to our Club’s long-term viability and vitality, so the Executive Team has a duty to manage the Club in a fiscally prudent manner. 

Volunteer-Run: An Executive Team is elected annually by the Membership and undertakes the responsibility for the Club’s management. The WTC relies primarily on members donating their time, talents, energy and expertise to bring our mission statement to life. We expect all members to be sensitive to this fact, and help where and when they are able.

Quality Facilities: Well-functioning courts, including: Court surface, Nets, Lighting and Fences.  The Club owns the wind screens, which our members erect and remove each season.

Quality Programs: Well-organized events and programs for all levels of play, Promoted by effective communications, run by knowledgeable organizers, well-planned and supervised.

Quality Instruction: Professional coaches providing: up-to-date teaching methods, encouragement and enthusiasm for the game, supporting the Club’s programs and generally furthering the Club’s objectives

Affordable Prices: In relation to other summer tennis clubs in Ontario and Canada.

Accessibility: Membership is open to all subject only to capacity constraints. Court permit hours create a balance between organized programs and free court time. Programs and events for all ages and abilities are restricted only when it is considered necessary to preserve one of the primary objectives of that particular activity.

Friendly, Fun Atmosphere: All levels of players are encouraged/supported. Everyone is treated with respect and made to feel welcome. The Club has a very friendly atmosphere and provides a safe and caring environment for all ages. 


The land for the Whitby Lawn Bowling and Tennis Club was purchased for $800, located where the Whitby Seniors Activity Centre currently resides. The tennis courts and lawn bowling greens were built for $2,000. The first tennis tournaments were held Aug. 28, 1927. In 1931, Whitby donated a building for a clubhouse.

The Whitby Classic Rotary Club bought out the tennis club in 1942, maintaining the grounds until selling to the Town in 1974. The tennis club courts were relocated to Peel Park in 1974 and in 1988 moved to Iroquois Park.

In 2009, the WTC was awarded the 'Volunteers of the Month' award by the OTA for hosting the successful Whitby Junior U12 Championships.  

In 2007, the WTC celebrated its 80th Anniversary with a Family BBQ. On this historic occasion, the Mayor's office presented the WTC with a letter congratulating us on this milestone of service to the community and providing best wishes for the future.

In 2006, the OTA presented the WTC with the 2005 Member Club's Achievement Award. This award was given in recognition of our outstanding contribution to tennis in Ontario.