Membership and Program Fees

There are approximately 300 participants who play regularly on the six outdoor courts at Iroquois Park (north of Victoria Street, west of Henry Street, east of Gordon Street) during our normal season of May through September. 

Our Membership and Program Fees

There are approximately 300 participants who play regularly on the club's six home courts at Iroqois Park (north of Victoria street, west of Henry street, east of Gordon street) during our Club season: May to September. 

2022 Membership Fees

Become a member of the Whitby Tennis Club and enjoy the camaraderie both on our courts and courtside, and plenty of exciting and fun opportunities to play and improve your game with your fellow members.  

  • Adult Membership Fee: $125.00 reduced to $85.00
  • Junior Membership Fee (under the age of 18 as of the end of the current calendar year): $60.00 reduced to $40.00

2022 Programs and Fees

The WTC is proud to offer an extensive roster of house leagues, inter-club teams, special events and tournaments for its members, as well as group lessons and clinics.  Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned tennis player, the WTC has something for everyone.  

House Leagues

We are proud to offer a wide variety of in-house programs for our members. 

For days, times, and current prices:

  • Click here for the various Adult House Leagues
  • Click here for the Junior House League

Members only; fees listed here are per person for the full season. 

  • Adult Doubles Leagues:  $80 reduced to $55 per person per league. Tap or click each league to see format and rules: 
  • Adult Singles Ladders: $30.00 reduced to @20.00 per person
  • Adult Round Robin: FREE with membership, most suited to players rated 2.5 to 4.0, just drop in
  • Junior House League: $40.00 reduced to $25.00 per person

Group Lessons

Note that the Whitby Tennis Club offers only ONE session of group lessons for Adults and for Juniors, starting in early May, and registration for all WTC group lessons is now closed.  We find that it is difficult for people to make a commitment to a series of lessons once we get into late June and the summer months. 

For days, times, current prices, number of available places:

Open to members and non-members.  If the lessons participant does not want pay the membership fee to join the club, be sure to register as an "Adult Non-Member" or as a "Junior Non-Member".

  • Junior Group Lessons (5 lessons):  $125.00
  • Junior Group Lessons plus match play (5 lessons, intermediate level only): $185.00
  • Adult Group Lessons (5 lessons):  $125.00

Private or Semi-Private Lessons and Junior Tennis Camps

For year-round private or semi-private lessons; and for week-long (full day or half day) junior tennis camps in July and August; and for group lessons indoors in the fall and winter at the Oshawa Civic Dome, please contact our club pro, Mark Krycia at or visit his web site at .  These services are not available through the Whitby Tennis Club.  

Inter-club Team Tennis

Members only.

For days, times, current prices, number of available places: 

  • Click here for details on our adult competetive inter-club team tennis programs
  • Click here for details on our junior competive inter-club team tennis programs. 

There is no up-front charge to join a team.  Pay-as-you-play match fees:

  • ICTA Ladies (doubles, day-time) Team Tennis:  pay as you play, $5 per match
  • Durham Region Competitive Tennis League (DRCTL) (co-ed; evenings): pay as you play, $5 per match
  • Junior Co-ed Intercounty Team Tennis: FREE with membership

Court Booking

Members only.  Log into your WTC account and use our online court booking system to book singles or doubles matches with other club members.  Click here to view court booking rules. 

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