Court Booking Policy

Please read and follow carefully. Violation of the court booking policy may result in loss of booking privileges, and may result in termination of your membership privleges without any refund of fees.

All members must familiarize themselves with and comply with the Whitby Tennis Club COVID-19 Rules

 Process and Guidelines  

  • Only members can book courts. Non-members are not able to book a court at any time.
  • Courts may be booked 7 days in advance starting at 9 a.m. 
  • Courts may be booked by logging in to your account at -- accessible via desktop, tablet or mobile phone -- and selecting the court booking option.                   
  • You may have 6 hours of court time booked in the system at one time. Once your court booking begins, you may book another hour.  
  • A minimum of 2 players is required to book a court.
  • At the time that you are booking a court, 1 additional member name must be identified for singles, and 3 additional member names must be identified for doubles.  **Non-member players should be identified with the “guest” option (please see Guests policy below.... Guests are not allowed in 2021). 
  • Before the scheduled match time, if the members on the court that you have booked have changed, you must make updates to the player names list through the online court booking system so that contact tracing can be done if needed.  ***NEW in 2021!***To do this, you may update the court booking with new name(s).  
  • If you booked the court and you cannot play, you must cancel the booking.  You cannot change the name of the booker. 
  • Once you have submitted your booking in the system, Email confirmations will be sent to yourself and to each participant in the booking.
  • Members must be able to provide proof of booking (via mobile phone or print-out) with all bookings, to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts at the courts.
  • A reserved court is held until 15 minutes after the hour. If the members do not arrive on court within 15 minutes of their start time, the booking is forfeited. Accordingly, if you head to the courts to play without a booking and a court is free as of 15 minutes after the hour, you can claim that court for the remainder of the hour. 

  Singles Match Booking  

  • Members playing singles may book 1 hour at a time.  
  • You may have 6 hours of court time booked in the system at one time. However, 2 consecutive booked singles hours with the same 2 members is not allowed.   

  Doubles Match Booking  

  • Members playing doubles may book 1 hour or 2 consecutive hours for play.
  • All 4 names must be identified in the online booking.  


  • Note that in 2021 in compliance with WTC COVID-19 Rules, you may not bring a guest onto the courts during club permitted time. 
  • Members may bring 1 guest per month but no guest may play on a booked court more than 3 times per season, even if they play with different members.  
  • Members must enter their guest's name with the court booking at the time of booking the court.  

Lessons and Court Bookings

  • Only our WTC Club Pro and Coaches are allowed to book courts for lessons; members cannot book courts for lessons.  
  • Members are not allowed to bring outside pros to give them lessons during WTC court hours. Only WTC pros are allowed to give lessons to members during WTC court hours.  

  Court Cancellations

  • As a courtesy to your fellow members, courts must be cancelled online (accessible by phone, tablet and mobile phone).  Cancellation can be done any time prior to the scheduled start time, but preferably 24 hours in advance.
  • Court no-shows and member complaints about court no-shows will be tracked; these inconvenience your fellow members and waste valuable court time. Accordingly, loss of booking and/or membership privileges may result.
  • 2 no-shows by a member can result in loss of court booking privileges for 2 weeks.
  • 4 no-shows (including those already penalized during the season) by a member can result in loss of court booking privileges for an additional month.
  • 6 no-shows (including those already penalized during the season) can result in loss of court booking privileges for the remainder of the season.
  • A court no-show is defined as 1) not appearing to play on a court you have booked or 2) cancelling less than 24 hours in advance.  

Junior Members

  • Junior members are also welcome to book courts.
  • Please note: all aspects of our Court Booking Policy also apply to Junior members.    

Unavailable Court Hours  

  • Unavailable hours on the booking schedule include public hours, tournaments, camps, league times and lessons, as well as member bookings.  
  • Unfortunately, rain dates or errors can happen. Please know the WTC makes every effort possible to keep the schedule updated but may have to contact members on a booked court about rebooking if an unforeseen conflict with public hours, tournaments, camps or leagues has occurred.