Singles Ladders: Format and Rules

Our club pro, Mark Krycia, runs the singles ladder.

Each player brings a new can of balls. The winner receives the new can and the loser gets the used ones.

It is the players' responsibility to set up the games, book the courts and complete the matches in the ladder in the time frame indicated in the email sent at the beginning of each session.

To ensure that you can have a court for a full hour, is recommended that players use the WTC online court booking system to book courts at Iroquois Park for singles ladder matches.

Keep warm-up to 5 minutes, so match can be completed in one hour.

All matches are to be played first to win 8 games. Please enter the final score as indicated (in your box: your score - your opponent's score) on the ladder score sheets posted on our Club board at the courts.

If a player stops the match due to injury or other reason before the end of the scheduled match time, that player loses by default.

If a match is not completed for reason other than stated above (power shortage etc.) please enter the final score at the cut-off time.

At the end of each session: top two players of each box will move up, bottom two will move down. In case of tie, head to head match will be taken into consideration—our Club Pro will decide.

#171 Singles Ladder Format and Rules